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Fast charge wireless charger with suction cup and phone stand. This wireless charger is perfect for people on-the-go. The suction cup holds firmly to the phone to stay at the wireless charging position, so you can wireless charge your phone even if you are walking. The ring functions as a finger O-ring to prevent dropping, or a phone stand. Capable of 9V1.2A output to your phone for fast charge. (require 9V input from Qualcomm graded USB charger). Include a 1.2m fast charge cable.


Input: 5V1A to 9V1.2A

Output: 5V1A to 9V 1.2A


    Dimension:  1.5 x 6.0 (diameter) cm 

    Gross Weight: 0.389kg

    Net Weight: 0.345kg

    MOQ: 1000pcs

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